OriginClear’s Modular Water Systems and Enviromaintenance Partner for Water On Demand Pilot Program

March 26, 2024

Enviromaintenance services Mobile Home Parks in the Greater Central Texas Region with small-scale replacement systems requiring advanced treatment and tank technologies

Clearwater, FL – March 26, 2024 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC Other: OCLN), the Clean Water Innovation Hub™, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Modular Water Systems (MWS) and Enviromaintenance of Georgetown, TX to collaborate on sales of standardized systems in the Greater Central Texas Region, from Waco to San Antonio.


Enviromaintenance (www.enviromaintenance.com) is a leading provider of large community scale-on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems, with a significant market presence in the Mobile Home Park (MHP) industry in the greater Austin area. The company plans to recommend MWS’s fully integrated, modular wastewater treatment systems to MHPs, thereby providing mobile home park owners an affordable, reliable and efficient way to treat their wastewater.

Need for Upgrades

Tightening regulatory requirements combined with older failing on-site septic drain field systems are driving the need for upgrades to full on-site wastewater treatment systems – essentially a “micro-utility in every MHP”.

Integrated Treatment Systems

MWS, a division of OriginClear subsidiary Water On Demand™, manufactures a series of robust and durable wastewater treatment systems and has commercialized highly-standardized systems for MHPs, incorporating either IFAS (Integrated Film Activated Sludge) or MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) treatment capabilities.

“Dan Early, PE, and his innovative MWS team have perfected an effective treatment approach for compact wastewater systems with a treatment capacity of 5,000 gallons per day,” said Enviromaintenance owner Bryan Klepzig. “Modular Water Systems’ ability to manufacture large rectangular structural plastic tanks, whether standardized individual tanks for bulk storage or larger multi-compartment tanks, reflects a game-changing ability to deliver not only the tank but an integrated treatment system capability. This is exciting as it offers the ability to deliver projects in less time while also providing a superior system that will last decades longer than conventional concrete tank-based projects.”

Unique Financing Model

Klepzig went on to say, “Modular Water Systems and its affiliated Water On Demand business model can offer a unique financing model that makes these systems affordable for MHP owners, while enabling them to significantly reduce their dependence on expensive municipal water grids. This combination of project financing and equipment delivery could turbocharge the rollout of these systems, as it greatly simplifies the delivery of much-needed on-site wastewater solutions. We are honored to help pilot this new way of solving a problem within the current system of wastewater treatment.”

Strong Market Position

“Bryan Klepzig and Enviromaintenance are uniquely positioned in the Greater Central Texas Region, have an awesome track record of project success, and have an expanding network of business relationships,” said Daniel M. Early, P.E., president of Modular Water Systems (www.modularwater.com). “Their local repute and capabilities combined with OriginClear’s MWS treatment systems will create a dynamic relationship that should capture a tremendous market share of work in the greater Austin region and beyond.”

Increased Footprint

A recent video illustrated the speed and ease of installation at a Mobile Home Park location:

“We’re very excited that Enviromaintenance has agreed to be our first pilot partner in exploiting these standardized systems,” added Early. “Our recent EVT 5K-IFAS system approval by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) represents a watershed event. This regulatory approval precedent will now allow Modular Water Systems to dramatically increase its treatment systems footprint in central Texas.”

The Partners acknowledged that the MOU is non-binding and no contractual relationship has been created but agree to work together towards a definitive agreement in the true spirit of partnership.

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