EveraSKID Modular Wastewater Treatment System

A Mobile “Plug and Play” Advanced Wastewater Treatment Product


Making Point-of-Use Wastewater Treatment Simple and Affordable

Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems have been around for more than 75 years.   While typically out of sight and mind, they are a necessary component to many aspects of human life and provide an important service by protecting our health and the local environment.  Unfortunately, decentralized wastewater treatment technologies have not evolved significantly over the past 50 years especially when compared to things like personal computers, smart phones, solar panels, and the electric car.  Older clunky treatment technologies that are expensive to construct and difficult to operate have been the norm for way too long.

“One of our Mission Goals is to simplify the delivery of packaged wastewater treatment systems.  Buying and installing a treatment system must be easy and inexpensive.”

Designed for All Applications

Commercial Development, RV Parks & Campgrounds, Residential Development, Schools & Institutions, Hotels & Resorts & More

“EveraSKID Systems make wastewater planning and development much easier for new construction.  Our Engineering Team is ready to assist in evaluating your project and making informed recommendations as to the appropriate EveraSKID Equipment Package that best suits your unique project requirements.”

What is EveraSKID?

  • EveraSKID is a modular mobile packaged wastewater treatment system designed to treat domestic, municipal, and light industrial wastewaters.
  • EveraSKID is factory assembled so that it ships as a finished product that is ready for immediate use once installed at its final site destination.  In other words, it’s a “Plug and Play” system that commissions in less than one day!
  • EveraSKID utilizes the lasted advancements in wastewater technology including Fixed Film biological treatment, Membrane BioReactor filtration, and real-time remote monitoring and control systems.

“With two pipe connection points, one power connection, and an internet connection, EveraSKID is the simplest to install treatment system in the market today”

EveraSKID Water Treatment Container

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured using ISO Shipping Container System
  • Includes Integral Equipment Room with the following:
    • Pedestrian Door Access (lockable)
    • HVAC and System Lighting
    • Aeration Blowers & Piping Systems
    • Water Pumping & Piping Systems
    • Chemical Feed Systems (CIP & pH Adjustment)
    • Electrical Systems (Master Control Panel)
  • Uses Multi-Compartment Plastic Tankage System that is reinforced, vented, and insulated for years of service
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Control System Provides remote monitoring and control
  • Upgrades include Architectural Detailing, Custom Paint Systems, Aluminum Ladders & Hand rails, etc.
  • Standard Truck Shipping makes delivery super simple

“EveraSKID represents a much needed evolution in wastewater treatment design and capability.  What used to be complicated, expensive to install, and hard to operate is now affordable and easy…………….which is what it should be!”


Typical System Configuration

EveraSKID Models

“Wastewater is everywhere and is a huge problem.  Humanity generates and discharges billions of gallons of wastewater each day which creates an enormous pollution burden and a serious environmental impact.  Modular Water Systems understands the commonly misunderstood nuances related to wastewater generation, treatment, and disposal and is pleased to offer the EveraSKID Treatment System as an affordable and durable solution for Point-of-Use Treatment and Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities.  As a COMPLETE factory system, delivery is fast, commissioning is simple, and operation is easy!”

IFAS Models

Integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) is an excellent choice for low strength and standard treatment applications.

MBR Models

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is perfectly suited for high-strength loading and very stringent treatment requirements.

IFAS System

What is the EveraSKID IFAS?

  • IFAS Systems combine Activated Sludge bioreactors with Fixed Film (biofilm) treatment in a single-stage aerobic biological process
  • IFAS systems can utilize either Stationary Fixed Film or Fluidized Media Fixed Film Systems 
  • IFAS is superior to conventional Activated Sludge systems by fostering enhanced BOD removal and Complete Nitrification.

IFAS Model

EveraSKID IFAS systems come in five different standard configurations. Each is perfectly suited for a variety of applications including lower strength domestic and municipal waste streams that need to treat to an EPA Secondary Level Effluent Standard. 

IFAS Performance Capabilities

EveraSKID IFAS (Integrated fixed film activated sludge) systems are uniquely suited for typical domestic and municipal waste streams.   As a simple biotechnology, the Integrated Film Activated Sludge provides years of trouble free service while consistently producing Secondary Level Effluent.

  • Influent Water Concentrations:
    • BOD:  500 mg/l
      • TSS: 300 mg/l
      • TKN: 50 mg/l
  • Produced Water Performance:
    • BOD:  < 30 mg/l
    • TSS: < 30 mg/l
    • TKN: < 1 mg/l

“EveraSKID IFAS systems are designed for higher influent loading conditions and are capable of operating at flows and loading twice the average daily design rating.  This functionality instills the owner with the confidence of knowing the system will get the job done”

MBR System

What is the EveraSKID MBR?

  • MBR (Membrane bioreactor) Systems combine Activated Sludge Biological Treatment and Liquid-Solids separation in a single-step process
  • MBR Systems are capable of achieving significantly higher levels of wastewater treatment in a smaller footprint AND without the need for an experienced wastewater operator
  • MBR Systems significantly reduce operator labor requirements due to PLC based automation and self monitoring & self-diagnostic process adjustments

EveraSKID MBR Model

EveraSKID MBR systems come in five different standard configurations.  As an Advanced Treatment System, the MBR Model can treat much higher influent loading while producing an exceptionally clear effluent that will comply with EPA Tertiary Level Standards.

MBR Performance Capabilities

EveraSKID MBR systems are great for High Strength Loading, Stringent Effluent Standards, or Wastewater Reuse and Reclamation Applications.   The Membrane Filtration System provides robust treatment and makes every operator look like a Wastewater Treatment Rockstar!

  • Influent Water Concentrations:
    • BOD:  750 mg/l
      • TSS: 500 mg/l
      • TKN: 50 mg/l
  • Produced Water Performance:
    • BOD:  < 5 mg/l
    • TSS: < 5 mg/l
    • TKN: < 1 mg/l

“EveraSKID MBR systems pack a lot of treatment capability into a very small footprint.  Whether it’s a clustered residential development, a rural school campus, or an RV Park, the EveraSKID MBR will produce amazing results with very little operator effort.”

EveraSKID Engineered for Decades of Dependable Service

EveraSKID Customized Upgrades

“As an above ground system, EveraSKID can be customized to suit the aesthetic needs of  the End-User.  Contact us for more information and learn how we can deliver a system that blends into your landscape or is a complement to your Facility Design.”

Equipment Upgrades

  • Auxiliary Influent Lift Station
  • SS 304/SS 316 Piping Systems
  • pH, ORP, Water Temp Monitoring Systems
  • Sludge Transfer Pumping System
  • UV Disinfection System
  • Post Aeration System
  • Effluent Storage & Pumping System

Exterior Trim & Color Options

  • Paint and Trim Colors
  • Factory Applied Custom Graphics and Logos
  • Sheet Metal and Trim Packages
  • Faux Stucco or Masonry Systems
  • Exterior Lighting System

EveraSKID Wastewater Reuse & Reclamation

“When Equipped with Disinfection, EveraSKID MBR systems produce effluent that complies with EPA Tertiary Level Standards.  This allows the wastewater to be reused for other purposes such as irrigation and waterscape features. ”

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