Modular Water Systems’ Innovative Wastewater Developments

Employing Heavy Plastics to Solve Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure

SRTP – Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic
HDPE – High Density PolyEthelene


The Modular Water Systems™ (MWS) product line offers and delivers an unprecedented quality of product to end-user clients of water industry project, consulting and specifying engineers. Its single point of delivery systems are fully-engineered, prefabricated and factory assembled wastewater treatment products that arrive at the jobsite point of use, factory-complete, fully tested and ready to install. And unlike less professional OEMs, their installation, onsite testing and commissioning is fully supported by MWS, all the way to the end result of correctly grooved in managers who are adequately oriented and trained on our easy-to-operate equipment.

The Modular Water Systems entire product line of Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic (SRTP) wastewater treatment systems have been designed and engineered by its Senior Engineer, Dan Early, a proven industry leader and innovator of engineered water systems, to meet or exceed industry engineering as well as municipal and state building and permitting standards and regulations. System components are manufactured by our top-level, industry-proven fabrication partners and components are sourced from the highest quality USA based OEMs.

Modular Water Systems are assembled, prepackaged and fully tested in our Progressive Water Treatment, McKinney, Texas Manufacturing & Custom Fabrication facility, where more than 25 years of industry experience building state of the art water systems have earned them the reputation of always doing things right.

The wastewater treatment systems presented here are just a sampling from a countless number of SRTP structured systems designed and engineered by Dan Early during his tenure as a Supervising and Specifying Engineer. These predecessors to Modular Water Systems EveraMOD, EveraSKID, EveraTREAT and EveraBOX wastewater treatment system are included here to provide historical context and insight into the vision and developmental work which led to Modular Water’s modern-day, wastewater treatment product lines.

The current Modular Water Systems wastewater treatment systems product line is available in a gradation of standardized sizes and systems and meet or exceed most on-site wastewater or effluent application requirements to achieve optimum and effective wastewater treatment. Find out how our line of packaged wastewater treatment systems can handle your wastewater treatment demands. 

Locust Grove Town Center

LocationLocust Grove, Virginia
Technical Description10,000 GPD Mixed Use High Strength Commercial
Configuration96″ Diameter X 34′ Long SRTP, Flow EQ, MBBR, IFAS, Secondary Clarifier, UV Disinfection, pH Adjustment, Aluminum Feed
Influent585 mg/l BOD, 300 mg/l TSS
120 mg/l TKN, 10 mg/l TP
Effluent10 mg/l BOD, 10 mg/l TSS
3 mg/l TKN, 2 mg/l TP
Direct DischargeVPDES Permi

Alpha Natural Resources

Location:  Boone County, West Virginia
Technical Description:8,000 GPD Modular Compact Wastewater Treatment System
Configuration: 96″ Dia x 30′ L SRTP, Primary Clarifier, Flow EQ, MBBR IFAS Bioreactor, Secondary Clarifier w/Effluent Filtration & UV, Effluent Storage & Pumping
Influent:350 mg/l BOD, 350 mg/l TSS
50 mg/l TKN, 10 mg/l TP
Effluent:10 mg/l BOD, 10 mg/l TSS
3 mg/l TKN, 2 mg/l TP
Direct Discharge:WVDES Permit

Oak Hill Academy

LocationMouth of Wilson, Virginia
Technical Description10,000 GPD Modular Compact. High Strength Domestic Wastewater
Configuration96″ Diameter X 30′ Long SRTP, MBBR Aerobic Bioreactor, Secondary Clarifier, Sludge Holding
Influent325 mg/l BOD, 125 mg/l TSS, 65 mg/l TKN
Effluent30 mg/l BOD, 10 mg/l TSS, 30 mg/l NH3 
Direct DischargeVPDES Permit

Seneca Administration

Project:MarkWest Ops Center
Location:  Seneca, Ohio
Technical Description:2,000 GPD Modular Compact Wastewater Treatment System
Configuration: 72″ Dia x 22′ L SRTP, Primary Clarifier,  MBBR IFAS Bioreactor, Secondary Clarifier w/Effluent Filtration. Post Aeration
Influent:280 mg/l BOD, 250 mg/l TSS
50 mg/l NH3
Effluent:10 mg/l BOD, 12 mg/l TSS
1 mg/l NH3, 6 mg/l DO
Direct Discharge:Ohio PDES Permit (Direct)

Sunnyview Village

LocationWashington State
Technical Description3,500 GPD Modular Compact Domestic Sewage Treatment System 
Configuration96″ Diameter X 52′ Long SRTP, Flow EQ, Primary Clarifier, 4 Stage MBBR Bioreactor, Secondary Clarifier w/Effluent Filtration, Effluent Storage & Pumping
Influent428 mg/l BOD, 428 mg/l TSS
111 mg/l TKN
Effluent15 mg/l BOD, 20 mg/l TSS
17 mg/l TN
Direct DischargeWashington DOH Permit (Drain Field)

Del Rios Villas

Location:  Modesto, California
Technical Description:15,000 GPD Subterrain Modular Compact Wastewater Treatment System
Configuration: 96″ Dia x 43.5′ L SRTP, Primary Clarifier, MBBR Bioreactor, Effluent Storage & Pumping
Influent:250 mg/l BOD, 250 mg/l TSS
50 mg/l TKN
Effluent:<30 mg/l BOD, <30 mg/l TSS
10 mg/l TN
Direct DischargeCDH Permit