The “100 Year” Solution

Our Modular Water Systems™ Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic (SRTP) storage tanks and vessels utilize durable longer life-cycle materials and for heavy duty applications incorporate a unique multi-wall design that significantly increases strength and durability. They are known for their ease of deployment and installation. They are prefabricated and assembled in our fabrication facilities and are shipped to the job site for rapid field installation. They come in standard and customized sizes and configurations to suit the needs of the specifying engineer and the end user.

The Modular Water prepackaged storage tanks and vessels product line represents a radical improvement in water conveyance storage by significantly increasing lifespan and provides a substantial reduction in maintenance when compared to conventional precast, cast-in-place concrete or epoxy coated steel installations. Compared to fiberglass, they are far more robust and come in a range of sizes and installation depths that far exceed fiberglass capabilities. They are particularly well suited for challenging sites and aggressive installation schedules.

Modular Water’s “far lighter than conventional materials” characteristic enables completed unit delivery & installs that minimize protracted on-site construction

Service Life

3X The Life Cycle at a Lower Cost

OriginClear’s Modular Water Products Design & Fabrications Divisions employ a unique design and manufacturing processes in our Modular Water prepackaging that enable factory assembly of configurations up to 12 feet in diameter and up to 100 feet in length.

Lower installed cost savings  are common due to our modular design, controlled factory manufacturing and easy site installation. In particular, factory-assembled systems provide significantly reduced installation costs compared to concrete (precast or cast in place) steel or fiberglass stations which take longer to design, build and commission.

  • SRTP materials with 100 year life expectancy
  • No more expensive concrete coatings or liner systems to fail
  • Dual-Wall materials ensure leak free systems
  • No more fears related to damaged fiberglass during installation
  • Rapid installation and field commissioning
  • Fully customizable for any installation, configuration or purpose
  • Container only or complete packages
  • Subterranean & above ground applications