Wastewater Treatment Installations

Modular Water’s wastewater treatment and reclamation systems and the technology that drives them are not only an affordable and reliable solution to the most common and prevalent problems commercial endeavors and operators in industry face, but are in fact a superior and practical forward leap in the science and technologies of managing the primary importances of on-site effluent stage water.

Modular Water Systems are designed by, engineered and manufactured under the supervision of Dan Early, proven industry leader and innovator of engineered water systems. The projects presented here are just a few of the hundreds of wastewater systems engineered, built and delivered by Dan as a Supervising and Specifying Engineer, but give insight into the breadth and scope of their applications and earlier beginnings. For system specifications and details or to find out how the Modular Water Systems line of advanced water and wastewater treatment systems can handle your water treatment demands click the button below. 

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Locust Grove Town Center
Alpha Natural Resources
Oak Hill Academy
Tug Valley High School
Ridgeview High School
Carysbrook Elementary School
Seneca Administration Offices
Sunnyview Village
Point Thomson Alaska
Del Rios Villas, California
South Hancock Elementary
Frederick County Middle School
Misty Waters, North Dakota
Irrigation in Africa
Mobile Military & Rescue