Onsite Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Applications Enable Commercial & Industrial Water Self-Reliance

How To Gain Water Independence & Increase Property Value While Fulfilling Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Standards


The world is trending strongly in the direction of reuse and reclamation of wastewater. OriginClear’s blackwater closed loop waste water recycling system serves this trend.

By designing, building and delivering advanced water treatment systems we allow commercial and industrial facilities to close the loop so they can treat their wastewater to an exceptional standard, provide redundant disinfection, store the treated water, and then recycle it back into the facility for re-flush, cleaning, cooling tower and other uses or repurpose it for alternative uses such as irrigation, all in a self-contained fashion.

Wastewater demands and wastewater usage for many facilities even as large as 20-30,000 square feet or more under roof, is not that great, maybe up to 2000 gallons a day in the form of the toilets and urinals and hand sinks and those types of things that generate the wastewater, all of which OriginClear’s closed loop system competently handles.


Water treatment and conservation have historically been primary concerns in geographic regions, especially arid regions such as the Southwest and California as well as other climate change impacted locations where water scarcity is a serious issue. But what we are also seeing now is where water scarcity is not an issue, nitrogen pollution and environmental pollution are becoming problematic, especially at the local source.


  • Growing businesses that need to expand facilities to service customers, are under economic pressure
  • Preferred real estate and a jurisdiction in a locality where businesses and developers want to build new facilities, are often located in areas where public sewer is not available
  • The cost to connect to the public sewer is prohibitory, relative to the engineering, easement acquisition and construction costs
  • Real estate is several (three, four, five) miles away from public sewer utilities
  • High water costs are prohibitive to expansion in many states 
  • Punitive fines for failing to meet water treatment standards before sending it downstream
OriginClear's factory prefab, fully engineered, subsurface closed loop blackwater recycling systems provide easy-access controls rooms and are fully landscaped for ESG rated compliance

Completely installed closed loop subsurface systems offer easy control station access and aesthetic, environmentally-friendly landscaping    


This scenario allows the owner as the developer of the real estate to take a piece of property that from a commercial standpoint, is almost useless or has a small value and with the implementation of this closed loop wastewater recycling system develop and dramatically improve the value of the property through upgraded permitting and zoning regulation compliance capability.

All this is made possible by the implementation of a closed loop water treatment system which enables self-reliant water independence. Not only does the water treatment literally civilize the land but essentially, makes you a stakeholder in the growing megatrend that is privatizing Big Water. Commercial and industrial business can not only reduce water costs, mitigate pollution related risks, raise the value of their real estate holdings and gain an elevated ESG rating, but also become an actual player in this new paradigm of self-reliant “micro-municipality” and “micro-utility” private businesses, simply by doing your own water treatment.

The cost benefit analysis is a driving factor. The lower price of the real estate enables businesses to obtain desirable, preferred locations and the money saved on the initial purchase can be allocated towards the development of the closed loop recycling system. The end result is that the value of the property is now substantially increased and returns on the initial investment can be substantial.


Commercial & Industrial business operators can now obtain a very poor piece of undeveloped land at a bargain due to no sewer access or being disconnected from the grid, and by improving it through installation of an OriginClear zero-discharge, closed loop, onsite water treatment system, not only realize a return on their investment through increased property value, but create a new revenue generating profitable real estate asset.

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Closed Loop PLC Control Panel With Digital Human Interface and remote internet monitoring and operation capability
Our closed loop system PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) panels offer DHI (Digital Human Interface) and are remote internet monitoring & operation enabled  


Modular Water’s Engineering and Manufacturing capability is backed by Progressive Water Treatment division which boasts a proven 25 years-long history. Both Modular Water and Progressive Water have proven success collaborating with consulting engineers and engineers of record, exploring options to make the best recommendations and deliver optimum solutions to their end-user customers as well as individual product and system end-users created through both organic search and referral generated qualified opportunities.

Engineers of record that we work with locally, and other industry professionals in the regions we have deployed these systems, report that they represent a new way of delivering wastewater services where public wastewater and public utilities may not be available and do so in an economically viable fashion.

We specialize and focus our business efforts on:

  • New Developments (Residential & Commercial)
  • Municipal & Public Utility Systems
  • Institutional Facilities (Rural Schools & Local Governmental)
  • Small Industrial & Significant Industrial User Pretreatment Applications
  • Emergency Response and Humanitarian Efforts
  • Military & Man Camps
  • Craft Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries
  • Custom Sub-Unit Process Upgrades for existing Wastewater Treatment Plants


Modular Water’s focus on the implementation of heavy plastics and heavy plastic manufacturing to create durable, robust vessels is now mainstreaming and leveraging advanced materials and advanced manufacturing capabilities that allow us to design, innovate and create new products, that are helping drive the new self-reliant water treatment paradigm, especially as they relate to civil, commercial and industrial infrastructure. Our closed loop blackwater products and systems embrace and serve the needs of commercial and small industrial end-users.

Businesses are never in the business of wastewater treatment, they are in the business of doing what they do. They have their own corporate or company mission and products, they’re not a municipality, they’re not trying to treat water, they’re trying to solve the problem. In that context, OriginClear’s reliable and long-lasting Water Systems in a Box™ that can be acquired with a maintenance contract and let be, are the ideal solution for the new trend of business self-reliance. This is the product that enables that mega-trend.

Closed Loop Black Water Recycling Subsurface Membrane Bioreactor Chamber
Partitioned Subsurface Vessel Houses Clarification, Flow EQ and Membrane Bio-Reactor

Equipment Building copy
Properly engineered monitoring and control station with ancillary aeration pumping, UV sterilization and permeate (filtering) subsystems all operated by our automated  PLC and digital master control panel


Our example closed loop back water treatment system with MBR containment vessel, 40-foot storage and solids holding tank and prefabricated equipment control structure package pictured on this page retailed for $130,000. It can be leased or purchased.

If purchased outright you own it outright and control your own destiny. Modular Water also provides a support function option to the customer. We are process experts. We’re engineering experts. We’re service providers and a support entity. In operating our remote monitoring we have advanced PLC-based (Programmable Logic Controller) programs that run our systems in the field automatically, but as the vendor, we retain the right to remotely monitor that system and to support the customer as a secondary set of eyes and ears so we can ensure quality and performance.

We routinely log in and monitor installed systems in real time, review trends relative to flow rates, liquid levels and water chemistry conditions so we can issue guidance and recommendations back to the system operators on how to refine and optimize particular processes in our treatment systems.

You own it outright, but we as the vendor, remain engaged with our customers and ensure that our products do what they are supposed to do. If they need additional insight or support, it allows us to do that very readily. That’s a very, very powerful feature and is very affordable today. It used to be only the wealthiest of end users could afford this level of technology. Now, it’s available to all. With smart phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops you can monitor, control and operate our systems remotely from anywhere in the world.


We appreciate being recognized as industry leaders and experts for our innovation of these types of applications and infrastructure solution deployment. However, most important to us is our real mission of providing advanced water treatment technologies and products that return our planet’s waters to their original and clear conditions and make clean water available for all people, while protecting the environment from destructive and pollutive factors.  

The best of this is that as the technologies continue to improve and their capabilities continue to improve, they allow and enable commercial applications and residential applications where the end-user can control their destiny and are not beholden or limited to large, cumbersome or public utilities that may not even have local public water and sewer access.

Further, being able to promote this type of reuse and reclamation capability to one’s customers and to the environment, to the citizens of the community really represents a brand-new mindset and a huge change and difference in assuming a responsible environmental stewardship role.

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