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Woodhull is a quaint little hamlet just north of the PA state line in southern NY. For many years the town did not have access to public sewer infrastructure. Town Supervisors launched an initiative to bring public sewer to the hamlet in order to remedy a series of environmental concerns and operational problems from the onsite septic system providing service to the individuals and entities in the hamlet. A Consulting Engineer working for the town prepared a comprehensive engineering design for a new sewer collection system that included gravity sewers, new pump stations, new sewer force mains and a new wastewater treatment facility.

With regard to the pump stations, the project engineers chose a more conventional approach in their original design drawing, which reflected the use of conventional concrete pump stations. Modular Water Systems (MWS) became aware of the project through a relationship with one of our local area reps. After reviewing the scope of the project, MWS proposed the use of its EveraMOD™ pump station equipment as an alternative to the custom, field erected, precast concrete pump stations. The general contractor was impressed with the completeness of the MWS proposed equipment package for the wet wells and valve vaults and the innovative use of heavy structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP) materials that are a mainstay to the EveraMOD equipment line.


When asked to comment on this Woodhull, NY project, Modular Water’s Senior Engineer and General Manager, Daniel Early PE, said “I just hung up on the phone after speaking with a certain water company and this water company was following up on a mandate from this particular city in the Mid-Atlantic region that has instructed their consultant [engineer] to start working on budgeting and design for a packaged pump station using our Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic (SRTP) material.”

“The city will no longer use any concrete structures for their pump stations, too expensive to maintain and replace every 20 years. The city was aware of what we do and instructed their consultant to start work in that direction. The consultant called the water company, who called us. The key message is that the city is going to adopt this SRTP standard moving forward. This is a huge deal because once the first locality does this, the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region, will follow suit.” Then, as Dan says, “It spreads from there to other regions.”

MWS successfully procured an equipment order from the general contractor and delivered two completely packaged Pump Stations which included three pump stations structures, pumps, PLC (Programable Logic Controller) based controls and other ancillary equipment. MWS also provided mission critical engineering support for their installation and commissioning.

It should be noted that not only did MWS deliver the twin packaged pump stations but delivered them using advanced materials with significant savings while the Woodhull Township will reap the benefits of an infrastructure system that will last 75-100 years.

Dan further said of the systems delivered, “Our ability to deliver a superior infrastructure at the least cost is our primary mission as we continue to challenge existing technology delivery and provide the ultimate in infrastructure sustainability.”


EveraMOD Packaged Pump Station Components

HDPE – High Density PolyEthylene

HDPE Vessel Wetwell – 72-inch ID x 16’ D (double wall w/structural base)
HDPE Vessel Wetwell – 72-inch ID x 13’ D (double wall w/structural base)
HDPE Vessel Wetwell – 60-inch ID x 20’ D (double wall w/structural base)

  • Aluminum Top – Single Leaf circular alum. hatch w/safety grate
  • Inlet & Outlet Stubs, Electrical penetrations
  • Flanged check valves & gate valves with weights and hand wheels
  • Tank Vent -3-inch diameter mushroom vent w/screen
  • Submersible Sewage Pumps – Goulds Non-Clog, 3 HP, w/ moisture & temp sensors
  • Pump Bases – Goulds (epoxy coated cast iron)
  • Guide Rail System  – SCH 40 stainless with guide rail brackets
  • Trash Basket  – Aluminum with rail systems and lift chain
  • Lifting chains  – 20’ long, 3/16” SS with clevis hooks
  • Analog Level Sensor – 4-20 mA SS bodied with protective cage
  • Float Switches (back-up) Mechanical type, plastic bodied, w/weights

HDPE Valve Vault – 60-inch ID x 5’ D (double wall w/structural base)
HDPE Valve Vault – 48-inch ID x 6.5’ D (double wall w/structural base)
HDPE Valve Vault – 72-inch ID x 5’ D (double wall w/structural base)

  • Aluminum Top – Single-Leaf circular alum. Hatch w/safety grate
  • Inlet & Outlet Stubs, electrical penetrations
  • Flanged check valves & gate valves with weights and hand wheels
  • Pressure Gauges – 0 to 100 PSI, oil filled, 3/8” NPT
  • Ladder – Aluminum type, bolted to wall
  • Vault Drain – 2-inch DR-17 IPS (stubbed)
  • Control Panel – NEMA 3R, w/PLC, HMI, Horn, Alarm Light
  • Note:  Control Panel has remote alarming
  • Engineering Submittal Drawings & Installation Guide
  • Mechanical Warranty – 3-year on submersible pumps & control panel
  • Structural Warranty – 10-year on Wetwell Basin & Valve Vaults

Sophisticated Control and Electrical Panels

Control Panel

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Arc Flash Protection
  • PLC & Touchscreen
  • Soft Starters/VFD’s

Electrical System

  • Factory Assembled Racking System w/Roof System
  • Main Disconnect
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (when Genset provided)
  • Surge Suppression Protectors
  • Sub-Distribution Panel



Modular Water Systems prepacked, single point of delivery pump stations are a dynamic and game-changing component of its SRTP, instant-infrastructure product line that is revolutionizing wastewater treatment by enabling decentralized, point of use capability to businesses and communities seeking greater water independence and autonomy.

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