An industrial customer in the Midwest treating landfill leachate needed a wastewater treatment plant to process highly toxic effluents and comply with regulatory requirements.  Their Engineer Of Record (EOR) designed a wastewater collection system for them specifying EveraMOD High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) all plastic infrastructure components for the collection and conveyance system. Due to the caustic characteristic of the wastewater being treated the system required the heavy plastic components to resist the corrosive environment. Concrete and fiberglass were unacceptable alternatives.

The Contractor hired to install the system reached out looking for vendors to supply the Pump Stations and we responded with our bid. Modular Water Systems (MWS) was chosen to supply twin structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP) based packaged lift stations.  Due to their superior corrosion resistance, far lower acquisition and installation cost and extended lifespan of 3-4X  typical concrete, fiberglass and steel constructions , MWS’s products made the ideal system solution. The systems were completed and fully packaged in our fabrication facilities, trucked in and rapidly installed within a week.



Two (2) 60-inch Diameter Pump Station Structures x 10’ D structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP) risers. Each HDPE structure has a minimum capacity of approximately 1000 gallons and are 5 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep and offer:

  • Aluminum Access Hatches
  • HDPE mushroom vents with insect screens
  • Inlets with Reinforced Flexible Couplings
  • PVC Discharge Pipes with fittings
  • HDPE sleeves with Linkseal couplings
  • HDPE Stainless steel fully rated electrical connections
  • Stainless Steel Guide Rails
  • Access ladders fabricated from corrosion resistant materials
  • Units competently anchored to prevent floatation and deflection
  • Extrusion welded inlets and outlets on both the inside and outside of the structure
  • Centrifugal non-clogging submersible pumps suitable for pumping treated leachate containing minimal solids
  • Heavy duty cast iron, water-tight, frames and covers set in reinforced concrete pads
  • Flanged inlet and outlet stub connections with ductile iron backup rings

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