Pump Station Projects

SRTP – Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastic
HDPE – High Density Polyethelene

The Modular Water Systems™ product line offers prefab, SRTP packaged pump stations that are designed and engineered by OriginClear Senior Engineer Dan Early, a proven industry leader and innovator of engineered water systems who joined OriginClear in July 2018. They are prepackaged in Progressive Water Treatments McKinney, Texas Manufacturing & Custom Fabrication facility with 25 years industry experience building state of the art water systems.

The lift stations presented here are a sampling of the numerous pump stations designed and engineered by Dan during his tenure as a Supervising and Specifying Engineer and are representative of the pump stations OriginClear currently delivers. Our pump station line is available in a gradation of standard sizes that meet most inbound, on-site or effluent applications required for optimum, effective water conveyance. Find out how our line of packaged pump stations can handle your water treatment demands. 

The Coves Sewer System

Location: Franklin County, Virginia
Technical Description:Effluent Storage & Pump Station System
Configuration: 96” Dia x 40’ L SRTP PS
10,000 Gallon Effluent Storage 
Integrated Equipment Room 
Pumping Station
Effluent Distribution System Discharge
V.D.H.  (Mass Drainfield)

Bossevain Trailhead, Tazewell County Public Service Authority (PSA)

Location:  Bossevain, Virginia
Technical Description:Municipal Pump Station
Configuration: 72” Dia x 15’ D SRTP PS Duplex
Submersible Pumps 7.5 HP with Slide Rails 
Custom PLC Control Panel to Coordinate with Common (Municipal) Force Main

Salyersville KY, Public Works Pump Station

Location: Salyersville, Kentucky
Technical Description:Municipal Pump Station Project to Replace Existing Concrete Sewage Pump Station Suffering from Severe Corrosion and Structural Failure.
Configuration: 96” Dia x 27’ D SRTP Duplex
Submersible Non-Clog Pumps
Slide Rail Removal System
External HDPE Valve Vault

Tazewell County Landfill Leachate Pump Station

Tazewell County Landfill Leachate Pump Station

Location:Tazewell County, Virginia
Technical Description:Municipal Pump Station Project Servicing an Existing Solid Waste Landfill Expansion Project. 
Configuration:48” Dia x 15’ D SRTP Duplex Submersible 10 HP 100 GPM Pumps with 96” ID x 40’ L HDPE Leachate Storage Tank and PLC Based Control Panel.